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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - Wii U


Zelda Twilight Princess is an Action-Packed, semi-new game from the company of Nintendo, released in 2008, this game is already world known. It comes in many languages. So, here's the story: Link, our hero, has been living on a farm for a long time and discovers there is evil in outer Hyrule. He decides to take his mighty steed, Epona, out for some horse-back combat! But then he gets sent to a prison cell by the evil Zant. Link has then taken the form of a wolf. Then he meets Midna, a shadow spirit. Midna has promised to help Link, in exchange for all the items he finds her. We then discover that he becomes a wolf only at night. Link then discovers all kinds of wacky, and interesting worlds. We still have the famous ocarina. Yet now you can howl songs as a wolf. But wait, there's more! There's also whistling into grass to summon hawks, or horses. As a wolf, Midna will help you in attacks and pointing things out for you. Link can use all new items, new horseback moves, and all sorts of attacks as a wolf! You have to find Zelda and defeat the evil Zant for imprisoning you!

If you need help finding some of the items in Zelda: Twilight Princess then look no further. This includes heart containers pieces and the golden bugs. All of the items are listed here for your convenienceIf you need to find some items, this section is for you! Thanks for visiting Zelda Twilight Princess Central!


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