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Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker - 100% Fruit Soft-Serve Maker (Black and Silver)

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I got a yonana machine yesterday and love it already! It pays not to be inpatient like me and wait until the banana or other fruit is compleatly frozen unless you would like a yoghurt consinsesty! So far I am enjoying banana with cinnamon but pineapple is also very nice! It is not as loud as what I thought it would be. It is a bit annoying having to unscrew it for find another few tablespoons of yonana inside. It is super easy to clean. I just rinse it under hot water straight after I use it and it slides off instantly! Very happy with this product and would recommend it to other people

I want a Dreamsicle! I love that you have a dairy free alternative! I have 8 food allergies and miss these things!
But I have some questions. I want to be able to use frozen (canned) mandarin oranges (as our oranges don’t come in until winter here in Central FL). But I don’t know how many to use…Can you give me a kind of measurement? There is approximately 1/2 cup in the can I bought. Do I need more? Yonanas said to drain them before I frozen them so I did that on a paper plate. I’m ready! Please message me or email me at


The Chia Yonanas recipes looks good.

*(Second update on Nov 2012). According to Dole, the official seller of Yonanas, the original item assures the product’s quality and offers after sales services.