• Here are some more Xbox One Controller Pictures:
  • Download and install Xbox One Controller driver
  • Check out the video or the topics below to troubleshoot your Xbox One Wireless Controller.
  • Anyone have issues with their XBOX ONE controller randomly disconnecting from their console?New batteries makes no difference.

Xbox Wireless Controller


You are welcome to add up to 14 Exclusive Mods on to your MegaModz Xbox One Modded Controller in addition to default Rapid Fire feature. You can them one by one on via ready to go multi mod packages depending on your gaming needs. to see all available options!

Exterior customization options (color buttons, bullets, illuminating options etc) are currently being worked on. We will update the website once they become available. Keep in mind that all Xbox One Rapid Fire modded controllers purchased from us are eligible for upgrades at anytime. You will be able to send your existing Mega Modz Xbox One Rapid Fire controller back to us and we will gladly install desired options (exclusive mod packs or design customization features) on to it for an extra cost.

3,5-mm-Stereo-Headsetbuchse enthalten. Auch kompatibel mit dem Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter und anderem Originalzubehör für Xbox One Controller.


Custom Xbox One Controllers - ColorWare

If the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller is lit up, your wireless controller has power. If it's not lit up, try replacing the controller's batteries to ensure that it remains connected. For more information, see .