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LG’s Wrist PhoneHaving a cellphone necessarily brings with it the tough decision of where to carry the damn thing. That typically means bulging up a pocket, though at least women can often opt for tossing it in a handbag (but even that adds the rummaging-around step when you get a call). The disposable Wrist Phone makes where to put it an easy choice.

Sure, there's already several wrist phone watches on the market, but this concept has a built-in scroll wheel that lets you switch applications at the swipe of a finger. Other features include: a camera and Bluetooth. for first picture in gallery.

The phone can be worn on your wrist like a bracelet or a wristwatch. Moreover, users can turn on or off the mobile-phone through the green or red line depict onto it.


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Today Samsung announced the S9110 - the world's thinnest wristwatch mobile phone. Sporting a decent (for the class that is) feature set, the fully-touch operated Samsung S9110 is the next device that will try to make all you James Bond dreams come true.