• With wireless Tv I mean these devices:
you need whats called a Wireless Cable TV Transmitter & Receiver.


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Nyrius 5.8GHz 4 Channel Wireless Video & Audio Sender Transmitter & Receiver with IR Remote Extender for Streaming Cable, Satellite, DVD to TV Wirelessly (NY-GS10)


The basic way in which a wireless TV router functions is by broadcasting a television signal through radio waves or similar methods. These routers typically have an input connection that can be plugged into a cable box or similar receiver, allowing the router to receive a signal from that box. Output from the router is then transmitted wirelessly, allowing other devices to pick up this signal through an antenna or similar receiver.

A wireless TV router is a device that allows a television signal to be broadcast to other areas of a building without cables. This allows viewing in a number of different ways, depending on the type of entertainment equipment a person uses. For example, the wireless TV router could send a signal to a computer or a video projector for use on a large screen. A number of different devices have been introduced by various companies, providing options for people in need of remote entertainment solutions.


HP Wireless TV Connect promises Full HD 3D streaming

This category provides solutions for accessing all TV channels in a room that does not have an antenna receiver. Wireless TV through walls and ceilings.
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