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Amcrest 960H Video Security System Four 800+TVL Weatherproof Cameras, 65ft Night Vision, 984ft Transmit Range, 500GB HDD


Our store offers a few kinds of wireless surveillance cameras that are the current evolution of , there are many benefits exist to using a wireless video surveillance system. With this WiFi security camera, you don't need to run wires from the cameras location back to your TV, monitor or recording device, which makes great for existing homes or businesses that do not want exposed wires or concealing the wires would be difficult.

Equipment & Security Devices
Since there are more threats to your home than just burglars, it is wise to consider other security devices and equipment that may be available with your wireless surveillance system. Motion detectors, panic buttons, door sensors, sirens and security cameras add an extra layer of security to the basic wireless burglar alarm. The best wireless security systems have pet-immune sensors that avoid false alarms while your dog roams the house.


Wireless Quad Surveillance System?

A properly installed wireless surveillance camera system can communicate over a distance up to 10 miles. Wireless systems work exceptionally well for monitoring separate building units or rural areas where there’s a long distance between two sites.