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iFinity Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver for Subwoofers and Surround Speakers

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Frisby and Rocketfish both have tried to solve the tangled wire problem in their own ways with a lot of professional technological goodwill, but depending upon the critics if they really achieved satisfactory results for everyone. Rocketfish provides a simpler modification rather than a solid solution. Frisby gets a lot closer to solving the problem, but still may may have a questionable sound output depending again upon the listener. The other big players in the market, like LG, Sony, Pioneer etc. are hard at putting their efforts into their own little more expensive wireless home theater systems with all-in-one solutions rather than producing independent wireless surround sound speaker kits.

In addition to providing wireless rear speaker functionality, the Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System can also be used as a wireless PC audio solution. If you connect the wireless transmitter to a PC's USB port, it will stream the computer audio directly to the speakers. If PC streaming is all you're interested in, Aperion also offers the cheaper USB dongle, which works with any speakers you already have.


The Model 1800 wireless speaker kit will untie any loudspeakers