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Frisby and Rocketfish both have tried to solve the tangled wire problem in their own ways with a lot of professional technological goodwill, but depending upon the critics if they really achieved satisfactory results for everyone. Rocketfish provides a simpler modification rather than a solid solution. Frisby gets a lot closer to solving the problem, but still may may have a questionable sound output depending again upon the listener. The other big players in the market, like LG, Sony, Pioneer etc. are hard at putting their efforts into their own little more expensive wireless home theater systems with all-in-one solutions rather than producing independent wireless surround sound speaker kits.

I personally have not had the privilege yet to try the surround system from Frisby, but another person I know who has owned his Frisby for 3 months says it was money well spent for a wireless surround sound system. He stated that this system rocks with reverberating sound when set up according to directions. Nothing in electronics is a guarantee, but I have to agree that if this Frisby system stands the booming sound of action gaming and reverberating sounds that immerse your senses without blowing its stack like my Frisby FS-5030. Then I am inclined to give it a try myself as a wireless surround system for my large LCD television.


Wireless surround sound systems: The right choice for you?

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