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YI Home Camera (Official U.S. Edition) - HD Wireless Camera Video Monitor IP/Network Surveillance/Home security, 720p, Night Vision, Motion Detection & Alerts-White

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Installing wireless cameras into your home can bring a sense of security in a number of situations. They help to deter crime by monitoring your house or apartment remotely for any intruders. Wireless surveillance cameras also help you keep an eye on pets or children in your home while you are away, or even babysitters and other caregivers. The best wireless security cameras can offer a clear view of any area in your home. They can provide an extra layer of security, even in low light. And because they are wireless, you can situate them virtually anywhere.

The systems allow CCTV installers to enable wirelesscapability to all traditional CCTV cameras with the addition of a and . The video encoder/decoder pair also allow you to control PTZ dome cameras using RS-485 protocol. If you intend on using IP security cameras, then you do not need to use a video encoder and decoder because the IP transmission of IP cameras works naively with the wireless security camera systems. The main purpose of these systems is to provide a cost effective solution for remote and hard-to-reach camera locations where dredging and cable laying is not practical or is too expensive.


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The first thing you must remember is that there are thousands of different wireless home security cameras out there and instead of being overwhelmed by this prospect, rather think of it in this way....