• Understand what a wireless N router is
  • wireless n routers are now on the street. but they just BARELY got released. like 2 weeks ago.
  • The Importance of Security with Wireless Network Routers
  • Advanced wireless N Router, Atheros, 2.4GHz, 802.11n/g/b, Built-in 4-port Switch, with 3 fixed antennas

TP-LINK N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, Up to 450Mbps (TL-WR940N) - V3


Wireless N routers are usually labeled as the "best" for wireless internet. Wireless N is the newer and more advanced wireless technology, while most wireless devices are currently built using wireless G technology. Technically speaking Wireless N routers can offer ranges more than 10 times that of a Wireless G router, also Wireless N routers have also been reported to provide speeds of up to 5 times that of Wireless G router. Installation of this portable wireless-n router is extremely easy by just plugging this device into the wall power socket means once you've set it up and got it running, you'll never need to worry about it again. Molding makes this product smaller than other versions and also easier to transport as it has a more mini and portable friendly design.

The Medialink Wireless N Broadband Router provides wireless internet to a home or business. It supports current security methods and works with any 2.4 GHz wireless adapter. This router provides speeds of up to 300 Mbps.


DIR-655 Wireless N Gigabit Router | D-Link UK

The D-Link Quick Router Setup utility quickly configures your new Wireless N Router to get you up and running in minutes. Our D-Link Quick Router Setup walks you step by step through the installation process to configure your Internet connection, wireless network settings and security, and everything else you need to get your network up and running so that you don't have to be a networking expert to get it set up.