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TP-LINK N900 2.4GHz or 5GHz up to 450Mbps Wireless Dual Band PCI Express Adapter for Windows (TL-WDN4800)

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It may seem confusing when you are confronted with making a decision of which wireless Internet card to buy or which company to sign a contract with for service for your connection to the Internet, but most cellular companies have cards that will work efficiently. If a cellular company’s phone connections are clear, then their wireless Internet cards for your laptop should also provide consistent service when you are using it. Cellular companies are very happy to provide customers with maps of phone coverage which can also be used to determine how well a wireless Internet card for your laptop will work.

Wireless Internet cards for your laptop are very low in cost, and if staying connected to the Web is important to you, as it is for most people today, then you won’t mind spending a little bit of money to buy this convenient advancement in technology.


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For users who want to add an ethernet connection to their notebook, there are cards with jacks for cords. Manufacturers have begun producing slim laptops that remove ethernet ports to reduce the devices' overall weight. Much like a wireless card, these units are installed internally but have an external attachment intended for a wired connection.