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Video of Rampage Wireless Backup Camera for Smartphone or Tablet - iOS or Android


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  • Video of Rampage Wireless Backup Camera for Smartphone or Tablet - iOS or Android
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Podofo® 4.3" Foldable Car TFT LCD Monitor Wireless Backup Camera License Plate Reverse Rear View Parking System Set

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This convenient wireless backup camera connects via WiFi to your mobile device allowing you to see the camera view on your device's screen! It comes with a waterproof camera and a WiFi transmitter which connect to power in the back of the vehicle. To view the camera on your mobile device, simply download the free app called "GoVue" from the App Store or Google Play Store, connect your device to the WiFi Network called "GoVue" and you will be able to see the camera view on the GoVue app!
With this camera system, not only will you be able to view the camera on your mobile device but you'll be able to record footage straight to your device as well! You'll also be able to save still shots from the footage and both images and videos will be saved right to the GoVue app.

Orderd two items: replacement gas regulator for my twin bottle propane tanks on the 5th wheel. Simple installation and came with two mounting screws. Was able to use the existing mounting bracket. The second item was the Peck Wireless back up camera. Since my truck already has a back up camea, this will be used in the bed of the truck to help line up to my modified fifth wheek hitch. Have just test run the monitor and camera using a 12v power supply. Will post information after unit is installed. Used etrailers free shipping (over 99.00) box was setting on the porch in 4 days. Happy with all purchases so far. Great web site also.


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Wireless Signal Strength and Quality
Interference can be an issue for some wireless backup cameras. They broadcast on the 2.4GHz frequency, which is also used by a variety of common electronics such as Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks. When there is interference in your signal, it leads to degradation of the quality of your picture, even to the point where it can be unusable at times.