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  • Best Selling Wireless Security Camera on the planet

SW 4CH Wireless NVR Security Camera System with 4 Wireles IP Network 720P HD Day Night IR-CUT Outdoor Indoor Video Surveillance Camera System NO Hard Drive

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Monitoring Services
With wireless home surveillance systems, there are many monitoring options. The easiest is to let a professional monitoring service observe your home. Most services monitor your home 24 hours a day and can contact emergency personnel if an alarm goes off. Since most wireless security systems use cellular signals, you can monitor your home on the go using a smartphone app. However, there is an extra fee for this feature in most cases. Home automation also uses the same interactive monitoring to allow your cellphone to control compatible equipment such as locks and lights in your wireless home surveillance system.

Equipment & Security Devices
Since there are more threats to your home than just burglars, it is wise to consider other security devices and equipment that may be available with your wireless surveillance system. Motion detectors, panic buttons, door sensors, sirens and security cameras add an extra layer of security to the basic wireless burglar alarm. The best wireless security systems have pet-immune sensors that avoid false alarms while your dog roams the house.


Cisco Wireless LAN Security Overview - Cisco

Although the first generation of mobile devices often paid scant attention to security issues — Research in Motion's BlackBerry being the notable exception — the new crop of Web-friendly devices such as the Apple, iPhone, Palm, Inc.'s Treo and devices based on Microsoft 's Windows Mobile 6 are increasingly designed with enterprise-class wireless security in mind. Case in point: The first Apple iPhone lacked basic security standards such as VPN, , security manageability, encryption and remote-kill capabilities. But as business adoption has grown, Apple has added VPN support and has promised to plug other security gaps, with the possible exception of strong passwords, in June 2008 with a software update.