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  • A price or release date for Wii U has yet to be announced by Nintendo.
  • Pandora’s Tower estará disponible ahora el 22 de Abril, para Wii.
  • Nintendo’s next generation console, Wii U, will launch on November 18.

Nintendo Wii Console (Black)

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Tampoco acepta la política de Nintendo y arremete contra ellos: “Nintendo está muy equivocada si sigue por este camino en el que afirma que Wii es una consola de videojuegos, porque no lo es. Definitivamente, Wii no es una consola de videojuegos”.

E3 is fast approaching, and , Nintendo is set to unveil their newest console. With so much buzz being generated through the Internet rumor mill, we must keep in mind that is that they are unveiling a new console. This can be tough to remember, given the speculative reports that it will be more powerful than the Xbox 360, come equipped with a 6.2″ touchscreen in the motion-sensitive controllers, and possibly have the capability for players to feel objects inside games. The one rumor that stands out to be the most likely, given the nature of all the rest, is the projected $400 price tag. Even this seems strange considering the low price of the Wii when it debuted.


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