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CTA Digital Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 Sports Pack (White)


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As an additional accessory for Wii enthusiasts, there are countless options of skins and themes available for Wii products. It is possible to personalize nearly every Wii accessory, either through decals, protective covers or plates. Accessories to the accessories have also begun to proliferate on the market for Wii, further enhancing game play. Weights, fitness outfits, yoga mats, aerobic step platforms and armbands to hold the Wii remote have all been released to enhance the training with Wii Fit. Additionally, Wii Fit accessories come in packages to favor the male or female exercise enthusiast, dressing up their entire catalog of Wii Fit add-ons. Travel bags, bundle kits specific to a genre of games and pre-colored hardware are commonly available for Wii compatible pieces. Each step Nintendo takes in offering personalization, portability and convenience brings the console closer to its mission as a system for everyone to play.


Wii Accessories - Wii Game Accessory from China

Hubb, one of the leading manufacturers of announced its line-up of console accessories for the soon-to-be released PlayStation Move laste week. The manufacturer has now revealed a new line of Nintendo Wii accessories, encompassing Hubb Exercise Board and Controller+.