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What does refurbished mean? There are lots of reasons that can label something "factory refurbished." Since consumer laws prevent manufacturers from selling anything returned to them as "new", there are often great savings to be had. Here are a few examples of how something might become refurbished: All of our refurbished equipment is backed with a manufacturer's warranty assuring your satisfaction. The advantages of buying refurbished.Refurbished components can save you money! You're buying the same equipment, complete with its accessories and with a manufacturer's warranty.
Refurbished items can actually have a lower defect rate. Refurbished components are individually tested and inspected by factory personnel to make sure they meet all specifications. It's like getting 100% quality control. Bottom line: With quality manufacturers, buying refurbished is a great way to save some money and still have the manufacturer's support and a warranty.

More and more IT companies offer refurbished computers for sale, but what does refurbished mean? Concerning quality, refurbished doesn’t mean the original item was damaged or malfunctioning. US Micro’s computers come from large corporations who need to replace many of their computers with updated new ones. All original computers were working and without damage. US Micro purges the entirety of the previous data from the computer before reinstalling a new licensed copy of Microsoft software to the operating system, usually Windows 7 or Windows XP depending on what you want when you order. If necessary, the hardware will also be updated to match the software’s standards in performance capacity. Then everything gets a thorough inspection to make sure the computer is fully functional. Buying a refurbished computer is a lot like recycling, so you’re reducing electronic waste with your purchase.


To refurbish means to renovate, fix and or update