• Viper SmartStart Announces Version 3.0 at CES
  • through the company’s newest version of the Viper SmartStart 4.0 app. Viper SmartStart
  • 4.0 is compatible with all Viper SmartStart hardware, which means all existing and future
  • Viper SmartStart users who purchase an Apple Watch or Android Wear product will be able

Viper VSS3001 SmartStart Remote Start System with Keyless Entry and Remote Car Starter

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Directed Electronics has released its popular Viper SmartStart application for the Android platform, which allows drivers to remotely start their car, lock and unlock doors, pop the trunk, and more.

They had me at: never freeze my butt off getting into a cold car on a winter morning again! You need the Viper Smart Start system to use this app but it’s pretty amazing. Using your smartphone you can remotely start your vehicle, heat it or cool it, unlock and lock your doors, even hit a trunk release, or turn off a panic button. Plus the app includes a car finder feature that records where you’ve parked. Unlike other car remotes, you do not have to worry about a range limitation; as long as there is a data or cell signal, it will work. And no need to worry about remote battery going dead, just need to make sure your phone is charged. Friend of the judges, Andrea Smith reviewed one for ABC and was in heaven.


Start Your Car With iPhone Using Viper SmartStart « My Digital Life

Follow these three simple steps to get Viper SmartStart:
1) Download the free Viper SmartStart app
2) Get a SmartStart system installed in your vehicle
3) Set up your account, and start using your SmartStart systemViper SmartStart 4.0 also includes free Guest membership in Viper Motor Club, providing convenient flat rate 24/7 access to our nationwide roadside assistance network. Just press a button in the app to get connected for towing due to breakdown or accidents, or assistance with a dead battery or flat tire. No hardware or service purchase required. New for Viper SmartStart 4.0- Completely redesigned app with the controls you use most often right at your fingertips, and other useful features just a tap or swipe away- New swipe to start feature eliminates accidental remote start commands (modern dashboard)- User-selectable dashboard and home page settings – now you can customize the app for the way you use it- Map page now integrates GPS and SmartPark features seamlessly with quick access for programming location or movement alerts- One-touch vehicle selection menu with integrated vehicle status page- One-touch access to Alert history and new alert programming. - Built-in tutorial videos, help overlay on key pages, and guided on-boarding process make getting to know SmartStart 4.0 easier than ever.- Supports Viper SmartKey passive lock/unlock features- Set up your own SmartStart account right from the app including picking your own personalized password (now required for users that have Bluetooth-only Viper SmartKey or VSM50BT systems; optional for new SmartStart cellular system owners). - In-app management of your SmartStart vehicles and their associated service plans.
- Start, lock or unlock your car using your Android Wear smart watch, or send other commands. - Receive alert notifications on your phone and Android Wear smart watch if vehicle alarm is triggered, or a SmartStart GPS alert is received (push notification support now included in app, server-side support will be added shortly)