• Memories of old Video Games.
  • Want to check your Video Game knowledge?Come and beat the quiz!
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  • Want to check your Video Game knowledge?Come and beat the quiz!

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The only one work that hits our mind when we hear about formula is mathematics. To me formula are some set of guide lines or rules which, when followed correctly results in completion of any common task? Ray b. Browne has compared formula to be like a road map providing guide lines regarding where one wants to go and which road to use in making a journey (2005). Every little task done regularly has their definite formulas involved like when doing assignments, operating computer or laptops and even during exercise. Video games have their proven formulas involved.

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Video Game | Definition of Video Game by Merriam-Webster

Imagination must be fed. An artist with a starved imagination is a palette with no paints. New ideas come from old ideas—the more you fill your palette with existing ideas, the more you can mix and create new ones. CU supports a culture in which people can borrow from the ideas of others. Not to plagiarize from one as a thief, but to borrow and mix from many as an artist. Video games offer an inspirational source for those creative ideas, from the concept board to the final product. We explore the conceptual side. Watermark-free and registration-free.