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Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

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If you choose to buy the Gigaware VHS to DVD Converter, we recommend tossing out the software in the box and buying a better capturing and editing solution. TopTenREVIEWS provides great options that get the job done. Head over to our video editing comparison and review page to see those products.

The good news is, as we mentioned before, that you don't have to use ShowBiz DVD 2. The hardware component of the Gigaware VHS to DVD Converter is compatible with nearly any application that is capable of capturing video.


VHS to DVD converter/recorder/players: 2 from Toshiba and Magnavox

Best VHS to DVD converter machine -

If you have numerous VHS tapes that you need to convert to DVDs, this recorder is ideal option for you. This equipment, which is also a player, will transfer your home videos with the touch of a button.

With the best VHS to DVD converter machine you will never lose precious memories! Never leave events such as weddings, birthdays, vacations, and childhood memories on VHS tapes because they will degrade over time.

Converting your home movies from videotapes to more durable DVD doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Thanks to the best VHS to DVD converter machine, even a child can do it.

Why should you copy VHS to DVD? Because tapes deteriorate every day even without using them. It means that one day they will become unwatchable. Transferring them to disk means that your memories will survive for hundreds of years.

Another reason for the conversion is that DVDs contain digital information, so they can be replayed tens of thousands of times without losing video or audio quality.

One more thing! When you get this copying combo, you can start you own home service and make some money! Recoding other people's videos on DVD can be very profitable.

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