• * Calculated using Mbps cable upload speeds.
  • Chart showing how upload speeds have much larger variation between mean and median values
  • Our new upload speeds make working from home or backing up your files a breeze.
  • Upload speeds from TalkTalk customers who appear to be on ADSL2+ or ADSL based product.

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Change your browser. Many people have an older version or a well known slower browser. Updating or switching browsers may just be the boost your upload speed needs.

Got a need for speed? Find out all you need to know about broadband speeds here, including what download and upload speeds are, what speeds you get, how to get faster broadband, whether you need it and what speeds providers really give you.


What Is Upload Speed & Download Speed?

Here's one of my favorites, called SpeakEasy. Just select any location and click and you will get the results at how fast your internet connection is and your upload speed too.