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Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Factory Unlocked cellphone, International Version, 16GB, White


If you want to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4, you're in the right place. While this unlock method might not work with EE Galaxy S4s, or Galaxy S4s with restricted service menus, for most tied down owners, it will cut the cord between you and your network, leaving you free to jump onto ours.

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Carriers will charge you 50 dollars plus for the exact same Unlock Code! We Guaranteed once your Galaxy S4 is unlocked, it will remain permanently unlocked, and it will not void warranty or effect any existing plan, as it is the official method for Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S4 IV.


How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 (Any Carrier or Country)

Yes, you can. The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 can be used with Metro PCS. Since Metro PCS merged with T-Mobile, the carrier allows using unlocked GSM phones for their service.