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BLU Advance 5.0 - Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphone - US GSM - Black


The next step in shopping for cell phones is to find a unit that is compatible with your calling plan. This is a simple process when the phones are locked for your particular carrier (please note: if you have a carrier using GSM, you can choose from any unlocked GSM phones), but that is not always the path to the highest quality phone or the best price. If you choose to shop our site for the best deal, you can make sure that the phone will be compatible with your carrier by reading the description or asking our customer service department. Remember we carry both carrier locked and unlocked cell phones as well as CDMA and GSM cell phones.

This article is very helpful. I am just looking into the concept of unlocked cell phones. I am learning about SIM cards and the different networks GSM and CDMA. There is one thing I do not understand. If I purchase the unlocked cell phone I want and insert the SIM card, am I good to go? Do I have to sign with or notify any company? Is there a next step I am missing? Thanks so much.


Samsung B3310 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera

If I buy an unlocked cell phone, and transfer my sim card from my old AT&T Pay as You Go Phone, is it necessary then to go to AT&T Dealer if I want to retain my current number????