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  • Curious about Ultra HD, also known as "4K"? Here's a quick look at at what you need to know.

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Much like the term High Definition describes video at 720p or 1080p resolutions, Ultra High definition (Ultra HD or UHD for short) is a term that refers to two video resolutions: 8K and 4K. These terms actually describe the horizontal resolution of the video image, which are on the order of 8,000 and 4,000 pixels. Average consumers have heard very little about 4K or UHD because content produced at this resolution is still in short supply, and the television displays that support it are not yet ready for mass consumption. In 2013, DivX Converter introduced two 4K profiles, which made it easy for anyone to convert video to DivX Plus (H.264) 4K or DivX HEVC 4K, and introduced a device certification program targeting Ultra HD displays.

9. There are bigger issues
My biggest complaint about Ultra HD is what it doesn't address. Resolution is not the most important aspect of picture quality. Nor, as we've discussed, is it even a problem with current picture quality. How about improving ? These all have a significantly greater effect on picture quality than resolution.


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There's also a scarcity of Ultra HD content to watch, and that's unlikely to change in the anytime soon. Yes, there are a couple of Ultra HD players available, like the . Sony also has a 4K download service . There will no doubt be more coming down the pike, as well. But optical media is on the downswing, so unlike 1080p, which had Blu-ray and HD DVD launching alongside it, there's no corresponding format push from consumer electronics manufacturers.