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  • Our machine balked this morning when she took the turntable, didnt she?
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Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable System, Silver

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Check out these great behind the scenes photos from the CBGB Festival on Turntable Live! We had a rad time rocking out with the artists. If you missed the first week of Turntable Live check out this video to catch up:


Introducing Turntable Live From the creators of , Turntable Live is a new platform for supporting artists. We host live, truly interactive shows with them online. Ask questions, send snapshots, hear fans scream all while listening to some great music. We are celebrating our…
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A proof-of-concept, the Finial LT-1 was completed two years later and presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 1986, but was so accurate that it 'played' particles of dirt and dust on the record rather than pushing them aside. Despite their apparent similarities with CD players, laser turntables have always been a premium-priced electronica: the LT-a had a $2,500 retail price.