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Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower Fan With Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer

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Keep your bedroom, office or nursery cool and comfortable with a tower fan. Today's tower fans can cut energy costs and improve air circulation.

Generally speaking, tower fans are designed to be as quiet as possible. Tower fans are specifically designed to eliminate any unnecessary noise while still distributing the maximum amount of air. Their sleek tower design allows air to be more efficiently distributed to multiple levels of the room, unlike its floor fan counterpart. Many of today's tower fans can complement noise free environments.


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As with any electronic device, the complexity of completing the simplest of tasks can seem daunting. It is important to determine the functionality of your desired fan. Many of today's tower fans offer multifunction options, such as programming, auto shut-off, remote access, as well as various levels of air oscillation. In addition to these offered traits, some advanced fans offer dual-qualities, like air purifying and humidifying. When choosing a fan, it's key to determine the level of efficiency and comfort you are looking for.