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Fast Charge Wireless Charger,Maxin Qi Charging Pad with LED Indicator and 2 Charging Modes, Support for All Qi-Enabled Devices like Nexus, iPhone, Samsung and So On(Adaptive Fast Charger NOT Included)

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October 31, 2014 will mark the one-year anniversary of the release of the Google . Since its initial release, the Nexus 5 has revolutionized the mobile industry, offering consumers one of the fastest and most powerful smartphones at a rock-bottom price that doesn’t include a contract.

important distinction time, this s4 isnt a nexus edition its a google edition, the nexus line has 3 big features, latest specs, pure android and low cost, the S4 google edition most definitely doesn’t have the last one.


The 6" Ascend Mate 7 compared against the Nexus 5

But again, the reason to buy a Nexus phone isn't to get a whole bunch of crazy new software features baked into the OS. It's about having a pure, unadulterated experience where the software gets out of your way. On the Nexus 5X, Marshmallow delivers that.