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Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope


Choosing to buy a telescope can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in a person's life, or one of the most frustrating. Determining the telescope for sale that's right for you is critical, yet can be difficult, with such a myriad of choices. Some beginners find themselves purchasing their first telescope at a big box store, and usually find the telescope is not what they expected. Sadly, this is the most common reason budding astronomers drop out of the hobby. It isn't because astronomy let them down, it is because their expectations of what their telescope should do let them down!

This may seem like the "duh" question of the century, but trust me on this one. Do you want to look at the moon and planets, and maybe a few of the brighter galaxies and nebulae? Do you want to check out our own solar system as well as explore objects that are at the furthest reaches of the universe? Do you want to take pictures of what you see? Do you want to use this telescope for bird- and wildlife watching, and other day-time observations? Maybe you want to do it all. OPT has the right telescope for sale! Pick one, and then scroll down for suggestions:


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Brighten your home or office with one of these fabulous brass spyglass antique telescopes for sale. Classically constructed from gleaming brass, this astronomical telescope will show you the stars. Perfect for a living room with a wonderful view of the night sky, this brass telescope with tripod legs sits beautifully on its own, and will delight you with the discoveries you may find. More powerful than the telescope Galileo used, this brass spyglass will let you explore the stars as well as the world around you. Add an air of sophistication and an elegant work of art to your home with this historically essential sailing tool, and transform any room into a wonderful ship’s bridge with your very own fine brass spyglass.