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Monoprice Speaker Stand, Set of 2 - Black (109373)

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Argosy technical furniture brings order and convenience to your studio / control room. These classic speaker stands provide just the right height for your close field monitors.

Speaker stands are generally used to help for the suitable positioning of the floor standing speakers. These components are essential in order to increase the audio or quality of sound that is produced by your audio system or speaker. This is successfully done through the decrease in the resonance which is produced by the walls as well as floors affecting the sound quality from your speakers.


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From the stage to the studio, wherever there's a musical performance, there are speakers. While plenty of speakers are content enough to sit on the floor, the truth is that you're probably not getting the best performance out of them while they're down there. A floor-bound speaker is pushing a good amount of its sound down into the ground where it will come back muddied. The solution? Speaker stands, of course. Elevating your speakers isn't just a way to show them off, it'll also improve their performance by taking them away from the dampening effects of the floor and putting them more in-line with the audience.

The most common speaker stands you'll find here are collapsible tripods. These are, without a doubt, the most practical type of stand for touring, or for playing venues that require you to bring your own gear. They set up and tear down in a jiffy, and you can fold them up between uses so they don't take up much space. On top of that, they're light and easy to carry. In fact, some tripod speaker stands even come with carrying bags to make them even simpler to pack up.

Of course, when you're in a studio setting, the need for practicality and portability is far outweighed by the need for performance. For this demanding application, it's time to look at studio monitor stands. These models, such as the Argosy Spire for instance, usually feature vibration-isolating mounts to make sure that the sound of your monitors is incredibly clean. Even if you just plan to set your monitors right on your mixer desk, it's a good idea to put them on platform stands like the Ultimate Support MS-80. By taking vibration out of the equation, they help your speakers work their best.

Whether you're a touring musician, studio engineer, DJ or audiophile, you've got good reasons to get your speakers mounted on stands. The selection of speaker stands available right here is full of amazing choices that will help you get the most out of your cabinets every time you power them up.