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Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi


By means of the Remote Play function, it is possible to view stored pictures on a PSP. The most recent firmware update has enriched this function with the possibility to stream through Internet. As long as there is a wireless portal in the neighborhood, you will have access with your PSP to the stored content on the hard disk of the Sony Playstation3; this way you can view photos and videos or listen to music on your PSP, wherever you are (you will need the system software version 3.50 or higher).

As mentioned, the Sony PS3 also has a built-in photo album. By using the menu of the PlayStation 3, the relevant component can be activated and the photo’s, which have been stored on the hard disk of the Sony PlayStation 3, can be viewed. If there aren’t any photo’s stored yet, or if you want to complete your library, this can be done by sticking, for instance, the memory card, DVD, CD-ROM, USB-stick, digital camera or a USB hard disk with photo’s in one of the compatible card readers or USB interfaces; the recordings can now be uploaded. Once on the hard disk, it is possible to play the pictures in a slideshow. With this option, a collage of your photos is being made and this is connected to the picture’s data itself, like the day they have been made.


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