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Solar Charger, Solar Power Bank 10000mAh External Backup Battery Pack Dual USB Solar Panel Charger with 2LED Light Carabiner Compass Portable for Emergency Outdoor Camping Travel-Orange

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A solar cellphone charger may not be a big investment, but it's important to know that the manufacturer stands by its product long after purchase. Knowing how long the warranty is good for, and how to contact customer support if you have any issues goes a long way. Some manufacturers offer product manuals online in case you lose yours. Some of them also have an online knowledgebase that you can look through for more information on their products. The more information available to you, the better.

Last year, the Apollo 2 was the new kid on the block, a sleek smartphone sized battery with a solar panel. This year the market is flooded with similar chargers, but none as good as that Apollo 2, including the very disappointing . But for a little charge and a small solar recharging capacity, the Creative Edge Solar-5+ and the SunFerno Flintstone proved relatively reliable and very, very portable.


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The 1970's saw greater use of PV cell technology thanks to a decrease in costs, as well as oil insecurity. The first homes that ran on solar energy were built, and 'thin film' solar cells were developed. In the 80's and 90's the first large scale solar power plants were constructed, and solar panels started to appear all over, from experimental cars and planes to the basic calculator that every kid took to school. As the efficiency of PV cells increased and the per watt cost continued to decrease, household solar arrays became more frequent and some do-it-yourselfers were fashioning their own solar chargers using single panels and car batteries. In fact, keeping a car battery topped off was one of the original consumer demands for this technology, and solar battery chargers are still commonly sold today.