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Aipker 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smart Watch Phone with Camera for Andriod SmartPhones - Golden

Too low to display

When they can make a smartwatch that looks like a watch, with a battery that lasts at least a week, and doesn't cost more than a good watch. Then I might consider a smartwatch.

And, I think that’s where smartwatches will ultimately end up. No matter how well designed and fashionable (earpieces come with glowing lights and sleek futuristic designs)… they will ultimately end up just being nerdy.


Six of the Coolest Smartwatches Coming Soon | Digital Trends

Smartwatches have already gone Swiss with models like the and , and now they're going Swiss Army. Developed by Acer, the new Cybertool brings some smarts to the Victorinox Inox watch, turning it into a Swiss Army smartwatch with classic analog dial. Add a couple other available accessories, and the Inox becomes a veritable Swiss Army knife for the wrist.