• Smartwatch till iPhone & Android
Still waiting on my current-gen BlackBerry smartwatch and a tablet refresh…


Pebble's new smartwatch lasts up to 10 days on a charge, and its all-steel design is solid...


  • Fitbit's first crack at an everyday fitness smartwatch is mostly a success
  • Redefine your mobile world with the new G2 Pro SmartWatch series.
  • Take control of your mobile life with the G2 SmartWatch Lite series.

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Too low to display

When they can make a smartwatch that looks like a watch, with a battery that lasts at least a week, and doesn't cost more than a good watch. Then I might consider a smartwatch.

"I have to agree. We're on the eve of Samsung's unveiling and we have a anti smartwatch article? That does smell fishy"

I agree with this.

"Personally I don't want a watch and I see this entire watch movement crashing no matter how good the smartwatch is. It takes one movement to pull out my Note 2. And with Apple keeping the iphone small you can easily fit that phone in any pocket. It's too redundant to have 2 smart devices fighting for attention. "

I don't agree with this. When tablets (all touchscreen variants) came out I believe this same argument was made. Why buy a 10 inch ipod? Now look where we are.


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SmartWatch 2 is also a standalone advanced and stylish watch. Use it as a compass, timer, stopwatch and calculator, as well as a phone remote. You can also customise your watchface with wallpapers, themes, widgets and a variety of clock styles. Drag and drop a range of watch face elements where you want them.