• SmartThings Know And Control Your Home

不过,未来会出现越来越多能够与网络、软件相结合的家居电器,它们与 SmartThings 之间的隔阂就不会那么大了。

I have spent the last 10 days setting up and using SmartThings and here is what I think.


我们曾经介绍过 SmartThings,它是一个智能家居开放平台,能够兼容各种无线网络标准,还开放了 API 接口,让第三方开发相关的应用,令我们的手机、平板电脑变成家用电器的遥控器。


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  • Before I get into how SmartThings works, let me share with you some of my setup to get an idea of this can work in real life:
  • SmartThings 支持不同的设备,这里有一份设备兼容列表可供参考。它能通过 Zigbee 或 Z-Wave 等无线网络与传感器、其他设备相连。而如果要与其它设备相连,则必须再次经历配对的过程。如果运气不好,这可能要花上一大段时间。

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit


This is a system that takes full advantage of home automation's immense potential. The sensors are designed to be as useful and as usable as possible, and beyond those, you'll have the option to add a great number of different third-party devices to your system, since the hub at the heart of the SmartThings setup uses both Z-Wave and ZigBee. By supporting those two wireless standards, SmartThings is compatible with everything from to . You'll also enjoy (If This Then That), meaning you'll be able to use your sensors to trigger other IFTTT-friendly smart devices like the or bulbs (not to mention integration with apps like Twitter, Google Drive, and Foursquare).

I was eager to learn whether SmartThings delivers on its promise of making the Internet of Things more accessible, so I installed and tested out one of the kits for myself. Setup was a relative breeze, and for the most part, the sensors I tested worked extremely well, never failing to do whatever I automated them to do. The (free on and iOS devices, but not available for BlackBerry or Windows Phone users) was a worthy little control center, though at times I found it a bit cluttered and confusing. Overall, I liked what I saw from SmartThings, and would have no hesitations recommending its products to just about anybody with an interest in home automation.


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It's a similar experience to installing an or a , though it's worth pointing out that the SmartThings Hub costs a little less than the Insteon Hub, and a lot less than the $299 Revolv Hub. It's also worth noting that SmartThings and Revolv do a much better job than Insteon does of guiding you through the setup process with their respective apps (Revolv's app goes even further, offering detailed, automated help for the installation of third-party devices).