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If you're hunting for some good small digital cameras, the best compact cameras of 2015 are available from the sub-200 range till the pricier options at $400 plus. If you are considering an expensive option, the best compacts should have a good image stabilization to match.

If you are a user on the go who would like to flip a camera out of the pocket and start clicking pictures, the best compact camera would be your ideal choice. The best compact cameras are pocket snapshooters come with a myriad features from increasing megapixel counts, high optical zooms to advanced face detection and motion deblur features, these cameras are the ideal travelers companion. They are sleek, slim, have a style quotient and fit into your pocket or handbag.

Hugely popular especially among the amateur shooters, most of the best compact cameras are available from the sub- 200$ range till the pricier options at $400 plus. Although slim and trim, offering excellent image quality, bigger LCD screens, HD video recording etc the best compact models pack a punch. There are quite a few ultra-compact models from the stalwarts like Canon, Sony and Panasonic making the choice all the more difficult. Some of the factors to consider before you make your pick would be the sensor size, LCD quality, presence of viewfinder, video recording capability and battery life.

Although even the best compact cameras in the market today struggle in low light at higher ISOs they perform extremely well in ideal conditions and outdoors, so you can leave your bulky d-SLR at home while on vacation or on the go.

has recently introduced their smallest compact digital camera, the ‘coolpix s01′. built using a 1/3” type CCD sensor
providing 10.1 megapixels of resolution, weighing only 96 grams, the device measures 77 x 51 x 17mm in size
(3.1 x 2.1 x 0.7"). in order to dramatically reduce size, nikon has chosen to use a built-in battery system and eliminate
its SD memory slot by replacing it with 7.3 GB of internal memory for a slim and minimally cluttered package.
by removing all dials and controls, a 2.5" interactive swipe touch-screen display replaces the previous layout for an easy
and intutive user experience.


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