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Nikon BF-1B SLR Body Cap for Lens Mount


All Pentax incorporate an The sensor size is 23.5x15.7mm, smaller than the standard35mm film frame (36x24mm). The small or "crop" sensor on the PentaxDSLR bodies means that lenses don't function the way that they do on afilm camera. Multiply focal lengths by 1.5x to calculate the "35mmequivalent". A 50mm lens that would be "normal" for a film camera,for example, will function as a good portrait lens on a Pentax digitalbody. This magnification will be welcomed by wildlife photographersand cursed by owners of high-quality high-speed wide-angle lenses (adramatic 21mm gives a boring 31mm equivalent perspective).

All Pentax digital SLR bodies are compatible with older Pentax filmlenses (FA, F and A mounts) as well as newer lenses (DA and DA*mounts). The Pentax K10D is the cheapest weather-sealed digital SLRbody on the market. Pentax offers a different approach to imagestabilization than market leaders Canon and Nikon. The Pentax DSLRbodies electronically shake their sensors to compensate for camerashake, rather than adding image stabilization to specific lenses. ThePentax system is not as effective as in-lens image stabilization andit isn't very effective for long telephoto lenses, but it does workwith all lenses, including old designs from the film years.


Pentax K-3 Ii Dslr Camera Body 16160 Pro Bundle Brand New