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Slingbox M2


The latest addition to Slingbox is Sling TV, which is specifically designed to help those who don’t want to pay for cable. Instead of permanently giving up live events, these customers can use Sling TV to access major channels like ESPN, TNT, and CNN, with all their live content and without a cable subscription. Other compatible channels include HGTV, the Food Channel, and TBS. Currently the price stands at $20 per month. .

The Slingbox M1 is a less expensive, smaller version. It doesn’t include all the same features or the extra options for sports that the 500 has, but the basic functionality is still there and it comes at a much lower price, this time at $149.99.


SlingPlayer for iPad on the App Store

And yet the Sling Media Slingbox still exists, offering traveling couch potatoes the chance to stream their home TV feed to their laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other connected device. Neat? Sure. Essential? These days, not so much.