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  • Like as for me, I have an iHome I could easily use as a radio but I use as an alarm clock and a separate shelf stereo system. (Starflee*******)
  • What's up with people having slighty crappy cars but having like a top shelf stereo system? (Rachel******)

Samsung MX-J630 2.0 Channel 230 Watt Wired Audio Giga System (2015 Model)

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The is a compact stereo, designed for small spaces and to keep a low profile in a home's decor. Although it is a small unit, it still has sound quality that is on par with the bigger shelf stereos. Two speakers that feature Sony's bass reflex system give this small stereo a large bass sound. The Micro Hi-Fi shelf system includes an iPod dock for playing and charging an iPod, along with a remote control that gives the user full iPod menu control right from the remote. In addition, there is an audio line in for connecting other styles of MP3 players This Micro Hi-Fi stereo also contains a single disc slot loading CD player for playing CD-R and CD-RW discs recorded in MP3 format and an AM/FM radio tuner.

This is a 540-watt stereo system that has a single disc CD player that plays both factory CDs and self-made and CD-RW discs. It also has a dock for playing and charging an iPod or .. An audio-in also lets a person connect other brands of MP3 players and digital music players. In addition to the main unit, this shelf stereo includes two speakers and a dedicated subwoofer. It also has a programmable AM/FM radio, clock, sleep timer, and alarm that can be set to wake the user up to their preferred music. In addition, a remote control allows for navigating a connected iPod or iPhone, and other basic functions of the stereo. This stereo system is highly rated for its powerful bass performance and clear sound quality.


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Printed specifications are supplied with every new shelf stereo. Advertisements of particular shelf stereos will also publish some of those specifications, especially those at which it excels. The two main 'quality' specifications of stereo systems refer to power output and frequency response of the receiver's amplifier as well as the included loudspeakers.