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Look for a home alarm system that protects all entrances and exits with a variety of door and window sensors, recessed door sensors and garage door sensors. The best security systems are compatible with security cameras that you can access remotely using a smartphone or laptop.

Equipment & Security Devices
There are many types of installation and sensors available when choosing the best home security system for your needs. Wireless systems offer greater flexibility in device placement and often come as kits that you can easily install on your own.


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One of the features of the system that is a recent innovation to security systems is a learning algorithm (not yet switched on). One of the uses for this will be to ignore your pets when they are moving around the house. It will do this by recording your response to a notification and noting it – so when you choose to ignore an event, it will learn from this and next time it won’t send you a notification (pets moving around can be a common cause of false alarms).