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Samsung T199 (T-mobile Starter Kit w/ Sim)


The Samsung T199 is a feature phone that comes equipped with a 2-inch display, a 128x160 resolution, and 102ppi density. Powering the device is a 400MHz single-core processor with 128MB of RAM. Included in the phone is a 256MB internal storage capacity. The phone has an 800mAh Li-Ion battery that gives power to the device of up to 4 hours of talk time and 9 days on standby mode.

The Samsung T199 Skinomi® Screen Protector is a modern, high-tech protective solution for your Samsung T199's sensitive screen. Constructed of cutting-edge thermoplastic urethane that won't rip, tear or scratch, the screen protector is specially designed to fit the Samsung T199. Accurate cutouts and precise fitment on the screen protector ensures that the vulnerable areas of your Samsung T199 are protected while allowing full access to all the important functions on your phone. The film is optically clear but provides unmatched protection against scratches, scrapes and other types of damage. This revolutionary screen protector is nearly scratch-proof and indestructible, making it virtually impossible to scratch and features self-healing properties. In addition to its extreme durability, the Skinomi® Samsung T199 screen protector also possesses a layer of UV-resistant coating that prevents the screen protector from yellowing over time and gives it a smooth, non-tacky surface that is consistent with the surface of your Samsung T199. Lifetime Replacement Warranty is available through the manufacturer.


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