• S1 and S2 sounds
  • Designtechnisch wurde beim Galaxy S2 Plus nichts geändert. (Foto: Samsung)
  • Gibt es eigentlich Neuigkeiten bezüglich eines Update auf 4.1 für das S2?
  • Sicherlich das S2 war ein gutes Handy das wird mit jellybean mit Quadcores konkurrieren kann

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch - Dark Gray


Web Browsing: web browsing is very good, although a number of devices actually have better displays, which implies better readability and/or more information visible at once on the web page. That said, The Galaxy S2 will handle web browsing without any problems.

Das Samsung Galaxy S2 mit Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich im kurzen Test von Areamobile. Die neue Firmware hält nicht nur Verbesserungen für die Nutzer des Samsung-Smartphgones parat.


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The Gear S2 doesn't do as much as the crazy feature-rich previous and watches did on paper. There isn't a camera and you can't make phone calls via speakerphone anymore (some will regret this). It's more like Android Wear: get messages; look at apps; track your fitness; listen to music stored on internal storage (4GB) with a paired Bluetooth wireless headset; and respond to messages or trigger voice-activated actions using a built-in microphone. The watch vibrates but there's no speaker.