• Ryu artwork #2, Street Fighter 4
  • Ryu from SFIV (1280 x 960)  Inked 3D art of Ryu from SFIV.
  • I like Ryu, he has a lot of options when it comes to combo’ing into his ultra.
  • Street Fighter, Ryuu (Street Fighter)

Ryu amiibo (Super Smash Bros Series)


Ryu has a unique ability in , where he is able to change his fighting style (and outfit), to those of Ken and Akuma (to compensate for the lack of the two characters in the game). When giving his quote at the end of the fight, however, they are the same no matter which "mode" he's in.

Given with the name of Ryu's fighting style, any character that contains any two or three of Ryu's basic special attacks are considered "shotos" by fans, signifying that they are easy to use characters. In the series, usually most "shotos" in the games sport a gi of a different color (with the exception being ) and are referred to as "shoto clones". Ryu's attacks have been passed on to and with some alterations to the mechanics, while and have different styles yet very similar to the originals.


Evil Ryu appears as a collectible character card.

While the two train in Thailand, they are met by Guile via helicopter; the military officer tells them that Ken has been kidnapped by Bison. At this point, the Shadaloo mastermind, who was actually tracking them the entire time, arrives in his jet, accompanied by a brainwashed Ken. As Ryu is attacked by his friend-turned-foe, he refuses to fight back, causing Ken to fight back against bison's influence. Sensing this, Bison teleports behind Ken and tosses him off the side of the mountain.