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iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot


The power of a Neato-XV is exceptional. Like the more expensive Roomba 880, it can also handle various flooring materials, from tile to hardwood to most carpeting. Many owners praise the suctioning power behind the bristled agitator brushes. Other robotic vacuums do not offer much in the way of suction, so they do not handle pet fur or other debris very well. The Neato XV is designed with pet hair and other allergens in mind. It does a much better job of drawing pet hair and dander into the collection bin for disposal than many other robotic vacuum cleaners.

Your new robot vacuum cleaner will follow any schedule you'd like, seven days a week,night or day... and when it finishes it will return to its home base where it will recharge itself automaticallybefore its next scheduled session. Of course not every model will have all of these features, but I think you getthe picture.


Do you really need a robot vacuum

Imagine how nice it would be to collect dust, dirt, and pet hair from everywhere inthe room, easily navigating around and under furniture, along baseboards, wall edges, pets or clutter. Removingallergens from the air and providing a cleaner home for you and your family is a lot easier with one of theselittle robots as long as you buy the right one. Not all vacuum cleaners are the same, and robotic vacuum cleanersare no exception.