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The falls into three approaches: Advertising, Front-End, and Back-end. Each of these areas requires different specialties to work well. Also, each of these areas are all required for a successful retail website - what good is a site that looks fantastic, and delivers product in a timely and efficient manner, if no one knows about it because of crummy advertising? Here are some things to keep in mind when planning each area of your retail website:

There are specific challenges for a web designer who is trying to figure out how to develop a retail website that is different than most other websites. When the web first began to boom, the methods that people thought would make money, like advertising, failed miserably. However, there were other endeavors, like MySpace, that no one expected being successful, which ended up as a fairy-tale success story. The days of "if you set up a website, you'll make millions!" are over, mainly because, not only can anyone set up a website, everyone did. At the same time, it quickly became a business necessity to set up a presence on the web, and for a retail business, that means that it needs to be a commercial website. So what makes one commercial retail site stand out from the rest?


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50% of small businesses don’t have a retail mobile website and most small businesses have never checked out how their site looks on a mobile phone screen. That’s like not walking out the door to see if the guy who painted your sign spelled your business name correctly. Many small retailers assume their traditional site on an iPhone will just convert website to mobile, but that’s not how it works. A retail mobile website is optimized for the small screen and presents critical information in a fast-loading, easy to navigate with your fingertips format.