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Pioneer VSX-530-K 5.1 Channel AV Receiver with Dolby True HD & Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Technology

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Just discovered this website; I will be back. The 9/1/2008 comment missed the point. No reviewers can satisfy everyone. Its unlikely every receiver, regardless of price has been reviewed in any given year. Some judgment calls have to be made. Receivers span an enormous price range. So best overall has to have some criterion. As an audiophile for 25 years with speaker cables that, in todays prices, likely would cost what the AVR-3808CI list for, my limited knowledge would agree. This is a superb piece of audio equipment. Providing readers with an alternate less expensive product with reasonable sound quality should be appreciated, not denigrated. Not everyone is prepared to spend $1,135to $1,800. After months of research and going for hands on at stores, Ive purchased a Samsung LN 52a650 HD TV. Thats two out of two Best of I agree with. This TVs video can only be described as wow. Its mentioned here because the point of both high end audio and high end video is how well they involve you in the experience of sound (likely music) and sight (likely movies).

Are you aware of continuing issues with Pioneer receivers of not recording stero sound and the remote control periodically not working? I have had two Pioner Receivers including the VSX abd the new SC-25 and both still have these issues. when you contact Pioneer they say they are working on fixes. They have been working on these fixes for over four months and still counting.


The Best AV Receivers of 2016 | Top Ten Reviews

The outstanding STR-DN1050 from Sony delivers an excellent blend of features, performance, and price. It might not be the cheapest receiver available, but this model is an improvement in every way over last year's already-superb STR-DN1040, and is well worth the investment.