• Compact Solar & Crank Emergency Radio Price: $39.95
  • Top Rated Dual Conversion SSB Short-wave Radio  Price: $79.99
  • Multi-band (AM/FM/SW/LW/WX) Stereo MP3 RadioPrice: $149.99
  • Ridgid doesn't have any info at their site yet, but we found the radio at  for $150

Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio (Black)


The new Cobra 29 LX LE uses the same board and layout as the previous versions. This means that performance in relation to output power, modulation, and receive are very similar to previous versions. It also means that the radio can accept the same modifications as previous models. The Cobra 29 is most often modified with swing mods and those types of modifications such as the capacitor/resistor modification will work on this new model.

Transmit power on this radio stock from the factory was a 3 watt carrier with modulation swing to around 10 watts. Once the modulation had been adjusted the radio had a carrier of 3 watts with swing to 15 watts.



Those are just some of the highlights and by no means a complete overview of what we saw. Milwaukee is also rolling out some nice 12-volt LED flashlights, a 12-volt power port, a very cool looking mini-radio, oh and about a thousand new grinders.