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You have your license and now you are ready to set-up your first radio station. Besides choosing a radio and antenna, you should explore the different options avalable to you regarding Feed Lines.

Top-Loaded – The most common and cheapest type of CB radio antenna. These are also the most effective, even though they usually have low wattages (this is really only a drawback to people trying to use these with a ham radio or modified CB). Top-loaded antennas are mostly made out of fiberglass, and they use a thin wire wrapped on the outside of the shaft and is covered with a protective layer. Since the coil is at the top of these antennas, you can mount them lower on the car because it is more likely the antenna will be taller than the roof of the car. Top-loaded antennas are use on cars, trucks, semis, and RV’s, making them the most versatile antenna type.


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Relocating the radio is the best solution if you insist on keeping that Plasma TV running. Try listening to the radio in the back of your house, or your garage. If this simply won’t work and you can’t relocate, I would simply suggest an to bring the incoming signal of your radio up to a suitable level. Most AM Radio antennas are inexpensive, simple to operate and will radically increase the power of your radio to levels you never imagined.