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Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi


Play Station Vita or PSP Vita with its popular name is the newest portable game console that Sony released. It’s released in 2011 for Asia and in 2012 for America. It’s a main rival of Nintendo 3DS. Features like four-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore and 5-inch OLED screen are awesome. But also there are some disappointments for the PSP fans in this device. Till Eurogamer reported first rumor about device in 2009, there were several claims and more. Some criticizers claimed that PSP Vita brought nothing new to electronic and gaming world, it only used the technology. How many differences are there between PSP and PS Vita?

Internal storage is what PS Vita is criticized. PSP was using a little but important internal memory and PSP Go was including a 16 GB internal memory. It’s very important to save games and other media to device. PSP Vita needs an external storage to save games and other media. Common idea about this feature is avoid hacking.


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