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Best Choice Products Manual Projector Projection Screen Pull Down Screen, 119"L


For demonstration purposes, these step-by-step instructions are for a wooden fixed-frame projector screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, because it matches the aspect ratio of most home theater projectors. The size will be about 5'x9' as that is our most popular.

These instructions demonstrate building a wooden fixed-frame projector screen which will be permanently mounted to the wall. Our method is similar to a giant artist's canvas: a wooden frame with the screen material stretched over it, and with a black contrast-boosting border placed around the edges for a professional look.


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Projector specs, lighting and room size all play important roles in determining what type of screen you need to purchase. Type of screens can include wall mounted, electric or even portable. The typical home theater will have a wall mounted projector screen vs. a portable one.