• ✔ Editor's Choice July 2012: Best Prepaid Smartphones
So if you're going the prepaid route, these are our picks for the best prepaid smartphones:


ATT Prepaid Smartphone News Updates


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HTC Desire 816 Android Prepaid Smartphone - Sprint Prepaid

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Today, you can get a prepaid smartphone that easily competes with contract phones—even a prepaid iPhone. You’ll pay more up front, but entry-level monthly plans are much less.

October 1 - ATT pay as you go just got a bit better. They have just announced a new plan for $65 per month. The plan includes 1GB of data and unlimited taking and texting. You can also get a new prepaid Android smartphone, the Fusion 2 starting October 7 at just $99. Details coming up!


The Best Prepaid Smartphones - Techlicious

The most desirable prepaid smartphone is the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. If best comes down to popularity, it's an iPhone. There are now a few different prepaid options and that number will likely grow through the rest of 2013 especially with a growing selection of iPhone 5 retailers.