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For a company that prides in its fast computers and simple to use operating system, it’s a bit strange that they get only 1/5 of their web front page – and, at that, their cheapest and least powerful computers. It seems as if they don’t care much about computers at all, and that their most important products are in the field of consumer electronics. Strangely enough, logo changes coincide exactly with Apple’s product line changes – first version of the new logo was introduced in 2001, the year iPod was launched, and the second version in 2007, when iPhone was launched. It is also important to note that in April 2007, Apple reported 32% of revenue came from iPod sales, which went down to 14.21% in October 2008, but at the same time they reported 40.09% coming from iPhone sales, thus bringing the total from non-computer sales to 61.42%, whereas in Q1 of 2006 iPod contributed to 50.55% of the revenue! Those numbers clearly show the other, non-computer (so to speak) side of Apple becoming increasingly dominant, and having in mind also the timing coincidences, it looks as this explanation for the changes in their logo is confirmed.

Its opening sequences show rows of people with shaven heads, uniformed, marching through dark tunnels that join big grey buildings, each looking straight ahead with an empty gaze. They all end up sitting on parallel benches with eyes on the giant screen (with blue cathode stripes), where we see the malevolent face of the Leader. Audience listens without any reaction, when a heroine, athletic young woman, pursued by faceless guards, comes running up armed with a sledge-hammer. She is blonde and shapely, wears red shorts and a t-shirt showing a drawing of a Mac. She throws a hammer that hits the screen which implodes, the impact reaches the audience who, with mouths open, fade into the grey surroundings. The screen reads “On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984.”


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